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Agreement on the provision of free services by web portal

1.1 Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise or specifically stated otherwise, the terms and definitions used in this Agreement are used with the following meaning:
Web portal – a set of software and hardware through which the Enterprise provides information services to Users;
User – an individual who has acceded to this Agreement and gained access to the information services of web portal;
Company – Konstantin Gennadyevich Shpektorov, the Individual Entrepreneur.
Information services (Services) – services for the provision of various information and Internet services, including the possibility of placing ads on the domain on a free-of-charge basis.
2.1 This Agreement defines the procedure for the provision of Services to Users, and sets out the mutual rights and obligations of the Parties involved in this Agreement.
2.2 The Parties agree that the Services provided under this Agreement are provided in the form
determined by the Enterprise. The Enterprise does not bear any obligations and does not provide guarantees in case of impossibility to provide Services or interruptions in provision of Services (delays, failures, safety and reliability of delivery of correspondence, safety of any user information, etc.).
2.3 This Agreement shall not apply to legal relations arising during provision of paid services, the list of which is approved by the Enterprise independently.
2.4 The parties of this agreement on the one hand are individuals – users of Services, and on the other hand – the individual entrepreneur Konstantin Gennadievich Shpektorov.
3.1 This Agreement is a contract of adhesion, its conclusion is effected by means of acceptance of the terms of this Agreement by the User as provided by Art. 398 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus, i.e. by accession to this Agreement in general without any conditions, exceptions or reservations.
3.2 Accession to this Agreement is performed in the process of the Users registration on
4.1 Rights and obligations of User:
4.1.1 The User has the right to refuse to use the Services at any time;
4.1.2. User undertakes to comply with the terms of this Agreement;
4.1.3. User undertakes to provide complete, accurate and truthful information when completing the
registration procedure;
4.1.4. The User undertakes to provide complete, accurate and reliable information when adding objects
of stone processing in accordance with the rules of adding objects on;

4.1.5 The User undertakes not to take actions aimed at undermining the network security or disruption
of the software and hardware tools of the Company;
4.1.6. The User undertakes not to use the Service for distribution of information, the content of which is
contrary to the legislation of the Republic of Belarus or norms of international law;
4.2 Rights and obligations of the Enterprise:
4.2.1 The Enterprise undertakes to ensure confidentiality of the personal data provided by the User when filling in the registration form, except cases when providing such data is a necessary condition for providing the Services or when providing such data is mandatory by virtue of the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Belarus;
4.2.2 The Enterprise has the right to store information about all connections of the User, including IP-addresses, cookies and addresses of requested pages, if such information was obtained during provision of the Services;
4.2.3 The Enterprise has the right, without prior notice, to block (hide) or delete any information posted by the User on, if it considers that the nature or content of this information violates the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, is offensive, violates the rights and legitimate interests of other citizens or contrary to this Agreement, as well as on any other grounds;
4.2.4 The Enterprise has the right to stop servicing the registered users, who are inactive for 3 (three) consecutive calendar months;
4.2.5 The Enterprise has the right to suspend or stop providing Services to this User if the User violates these Rules, including if it considers that the information presented by the User in the registration form does not correspond to reality;
4.2.6 The Enterprise has the right to suspend or stop providing Services at any time;
4.2.7 The Enterprise has the right to introduce new types of Services, change the scope, nature and ways
of providing Services, including setting technical limitations: the number of user objects, the volume and
number of files to be attached, the availability and number of lines of attached advertising information,
the maximum length of messages on the forum and other technical characteristics and parameters;
4.2.8 The Company has the right to change the technical characteristics and parameters of hardware and software used for providing the Services, including suspension of provision of Services.
5.1 The enterprise is completely released from responsibility for inability to use or poor quality of Services both in cases of force majeure and intentional illegal actions of third parties and in all other cases.
5.2 The enterprise is exempt from responsibility in case of full or partial loss of Users information if such loss was caused by intentional or unintentional actions s applications, etc.).
5.3 The Enterprise is not responsible for the accuracy of the information and advertising materials or their compliance with the wishes or needs of the User, as well as for any damage or loss of profits, both for the User and for any third parties, even if this was the result of the use or inability to use the
5.4 The Enterprise is not responsible for the quality, content or consequences of the use of any resources to which the User received links on, or as a result of the Services.

5.5. the User acknowledges and agrees that the Services of, information materials published by and its partners, computer programs used to provide the Services and the design of the portal are protected by copyright laws of the Republic of Belarus, as well as acts of international legislation in force in this area.
5.7 The use and citation of the said materials is allowed only with a reference to and partners who have provided the said materials.
5.8. acceding to this Agreement, the User agrees to the collection, storage, processing and use of
personal data of the User by any means not prohibited by law.
6.1 Amendments and/or additions to the Agreement are made unilaterally by the decision of the Enterprise.
6.2 Amendments and/or additions made by the Enterprise on its own initiative become effective on the date of posting of such amendments and/or additions on the web-site.
6.3 Amendments and/or additions made to this Agreement by the Enterprise due to changes in the legislation become effective simultaneously with the entry into force of changes in these legislative acts.
6.4 The text of amendments and/or additions to this Agreement, or its new version, shall be brought to public notice by the Enterprise by publishing the relevant information on the portal
6.5 The User shall independently monitor changes and/or additions to this Agreement.
6.6 In case of disagreement of the User with the amendments and/or additions made, the User shall terminate this Agreement, i.e. refuse further use of the portals Services by carrying out the registration cancellation procedure.
6.7 The Parties agree that silence (absence of the fact of refusal of further use of the Services of in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 159 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Belarus is considered the consent and adherence of the Party to the new version of the Agreement.
6.8. The provisions of this Agreement, as well as all of its subsequent versions, shall be binding to all Users, including those previously registered, and shall also apply to relations that arose prior to the approval of this Agreement or amendments and/or additions to it.
7.1 The Parties agree that all notices and notices received at the email addresses registered for each
Party as part of the Services provided under this Agreement shall be deemed delivered to the addressee in the proper form.
7.2 Delivery of all notices and notifications related to performance of this Agreement shall be performed by the Enterprise by sending an appropriate e-mail to the e-mail address registered for this User.
7.3 Each of the Parties is obliged to check correspondence received at the e-mail address registered for this Party in a timely manner.
7.4 All risks associated with the occurrence of adverse consequences of non-compliance with paragraph
7.3 of this Agreement shall be borne by the Party which committed the violation.
7.5 The User agrees to receive e-mail newsletters sent by the Enterprise. The User has the right to unsubscribe from receiving such e-mail newsletters at any time by clicking on the link included in the text of the newsletter, except for notifications directly related to the execution and/or termination of this Agreement.
8.1. The invalidity, invalidity or unenforceability of any provision of this Agreement shall not invalidate the remaining provisions of this Agreement, which shall remain valid and binding upon all parties.
8.2. All the issues, not regulated by this Agreement, are resolved in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus and local normative documents of the Enterprise, on condition of their compliance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus.
Name: Individual Entrepreneur Konstantin Gennadyevich Shpektorov
Current account: BY18PJCB30136052880000000933 in Priorbank OJSC, CBU 600, UNP 100220190

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