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The thematic scope of the content is related to the information and training needs related to natural stone and its business environment.

The web portal is clearly divided into the following sections: News, Natural Stone, Sales, Services, Equipment, Tools, Tenders, Jobs.

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Stone processing - information-analytical, advertising portal

“Kameneobrabotka” – is the portal for

The rofessional stone processors with huge experience and beginning experts, manufacturers and consumers of raw material, equipment, services and finished goods in stone processing industry,

– The companies which are extracting and delivering in the market marble and granite blocks,

– manufacturers of granite, marble slabs, plates, tiles,

– manufacturers/distributors of quartz and marble conglomerates, newfangled large format ceramic tiles

– manufacturers of finished stone products

– manufacturers/distributors of stone processing equipment, tools, fixtures, chemicals

– companies that provide services of installation/Installation of stone products, care/conservation of products

– manufacturers of monuments, monumental complexes

– Architects, designers, builders

– Employers and stone applicants

– customers of stone products and installation services, legal entities and individuals,

Contacts for advertising on the stone processing web portal

+375 44 700 77 87 /telegram,WhatsApp, Viber/

We will strive:

Firstly, to group, structure numerous information in the stone industry, to analyze, publish recommendations of experienced specialists, reviews of professional consumers. Secondly, to promote interesting and worthy companies, their products, services, projects, to offer novelties, exclusive, independent, professional, objective information about this or that product or service.

For example, how many manufacturers or companies do we know that sell new or used, high-quality and inexpensive equipment? Some are looking for a super functional CNC machine for sawing and milling, and some are looking for the simplest automatic saw for working with simple shapes. And someone is selling the same saw, and does not know how and where to announce it and runs an ad on sites where everything is for sale and it is difficult for a specialist to find it. We will strive to offer our visitors both one, and the second, and the third information.

– Second example. The company or an individual has a need for products and installation work – facade, porch, floor, walls, fireplace, countertops, window sills, paving stones and curbs and so on – the whole range of stone products. On our page, the customer places an announcement of the purchase of products and services, announces a tender and has the ability to monitor incoming offers.

– A third example. Customers, builders, architects or designers choose marble slabs for interiors. They are not buying at the moment, but want to understand, be aware of the novelties offered in the market, understand what kinds and varieties of marble exist, what companies offer, what is recommended for finishing and what is not, what is the availability, cost of selected materials and much more – which is very important for the start of the project.

– Fourth example. A specialist in stone finishing moved from Gomel to Minsk, looking for a job, and the Minsk company a specialist. We will publish ads and applicants and employers in the field of stone processing.

We could write more examples for each section, but hopefully everything is clear enough as it is.

The only thing we need to understand is that this information will not appear instantly, we need to work on it seriously, so that in the near future, we will really be very useful to each other.